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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  December 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. the rain is pouring down. the wind is gusting and a flash flood watch is in affect this morning. it is for creeks and rivers in the north bay. it caught the early brunt of the storm, but now the entire
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bay area is dealing with a wet, miserable morning. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. round three of the latest series of storms to sweep through northern california is causing trouble everywhere. we have live team storm watch coverage. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live on interstate 580 over the richmond san rafael bridge where an overturned big rig is blocking lanes. cara clapper is live where they are watching the river rise. let's begin with abc7 news meteorologist lisa argen with a live at live doppler 7hd. >> it is flooding in sonoma county. we have a flood warning and it has been flooding in petaluma and willow creek. you can see the back edge of the front. this is where the winds have died off and the rains have ended. still some very heavy rain through novato and southward. and there is also flooding reported in marin county with
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a flood warning through 10:15 from the creek to the east bay, hercules and vaw knee shaw, 580. flooding in santa cruz, santa clara county. moderate rain in fremont and gusty winds in union city. on the peninsula, a heavy downpour and winds have lightened up here. but still some light rain. the front has yet to move through san francisco. some heavier rain on the peninsula from woodside to 280 and flooding is happening in the santa cruz mountains. we are looking at rain rates of an inch an hour and another additional inch is forecasted. take a look at these current wind gusts. you can see where the front has moved through. it is breezy and dangerous out there. and throw 10:15 we will be looking at flooding imminent, and then beyond that the creeks and the streams will be draining into the rivers, and then we are looking at the rivers rising right on through midday. carolyn? >> it is a wild morning. thank you, low saw. both eastbound lanes of the richmond san rafael bridge remain blocked by an
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overturned big rig right now. the chp won't even think about moving it until the winds die down. abc7 news reporter nick smith is on the bridge to update this storm-related news. >> carolyn, this is the first time i have had an opportunity to actually do a live shot on the richmond san rafael bridge. the reason we are here is because of the wind and the traffic situation created by the wind. that is the overturned truck behind me. early -- earlier this week we spoke with cal trans and they told us how they have 300 cameras across the bay area counties that are focused on the roadways and the bridges. a lot of the sensors in the roadways help let them know when there is a traffic situation like the truck behind me. this is what we know. gusty winds knocked over the big rig on the richmond san rafael bridge blocking both eastbound lanes. according to the chp, the truck was heading east along the midspan before 5:00 a.m. when heavy winds caused a
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vehicle to roll over. when the truck slammed against the rail, the driver was slammed on his side and had to crawl out of the truck's cabin. cars are now passing the scene of the crash on the roadways -- roadway's right shoulder. back live, you can see the guys have started to disassemble the drive shaft of the truck because they have to take that off before they can put the truck back over, and they were waiting for the wind to die down. no one was injured in the collision. not the driver of the truck or any other vehicle. again, we are live in the san rafael -- the richmond san rafael bridge. we are now going to leave the bridge because they were giving us the sign the entire time. once again they are asking people pay attention on the roadways and slow down. the roads are wet. it is still windy, and this has been the message cal trans has been pushing all week. live in richmond, nick smith, abc news. jay thank you, nick. amazing how that driver got out of the big rig. the highway patrol says the
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wet and windy weather likely played a role in a fatal crash that occurred early this morning on northbound interstate 280 in daly city. the 5:00 a.m. crash kept lanes shutdown for about three hours. one woman died at the scene. the chp says she was driving alone and apparently did not see an abandoned car. she slammed into it and was struck from behind by an suv. traffic came to a stand still while crews worked to cut the victim out of that wreckage. san francisco is dealing with dozens of toppled trees and flooding right now. crews have responded to at least 40 downed trees. we are told by city officials that none of the trees has hit any homes. also there have been 48 calls of flooding, one the northern police station at fill more and turke. and in san francisco a power pole has snapped in half in the sunset district at 39th and moraga street. a transformer also blew. nearly 8400 pg&e customers do
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not have power due to this incident. there are no reports of injuries. right now pg&e is dealing with many major power outages and numerous smaller problems throughout the bay area. take a look at some of the hotspots. daly city has 4200 customers in the dark from 10 separate outages. 44 u.s. el sabroe and richmond has 11 outages affecting 1500 customers. the napa river is in danger of over flowing its banks. there is a flood warning posted right now. the river expected to reach flood stage this afternoon. abc7 news reporter cara clapper has been in napa throwout the morning. throughout the morning. cara, you have the latest. >> good morning, carolyn, i do. the flood warning remains in
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affect for the napa river in nap ma and saint huh h -- saint helena. it is surging, swelling. it was not this high a few hours ago. you can see the storm debris flowing through the river, and this rain is continuing. relentless day luge hitting us in downtown napa this, month. because the soil is already so saturated the rain is expected to pus the -- to push the napa river to the flood stage. the flood level is 25.1 feet in napa, but they are projecting the water could go as high as 27 feet between 1:00 this afternoon and 6:00 this evening. as we all know, downtown napa saw the river overwhelm and over flow in 2005. thousands of acres flooded. residents were evacuated. some completely displaced. since then the napa river,
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napa creek protection project have made significant improvements to prevent that from happening again. but city officials say they are confident they can deal with the expected water flow. i went to downtown napa and not a lot of businesses open this early in the morning. at the coffee roasting company they had a theory. they were loit hearted and they tell us they live by the ed henderson rule. hoe says unless it rains for four days in a row, then it will flood. if it doesn't, it won't flood. there have been so many breaks in the storm they feel confident their city will be safe. reporting live in downtown napa, cara clapper, abc news. >> thank you, cara. flood warnings are in affect for the russian river. early tomorrow morning the river is already running high and the ground is saturated. it is forecast to reach flood stage at 32 feet around 2:00 tomorrow morning. it is expected to crest at 35 feet around noon.
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the petaluma river may also reach flood stage within just a few hours. this video from friday shows an industrial avenue parking lot that is always the first spot to flood. the petaluma fire department says it will be out patrolling and the petaluma community center is open as a shelter for anyone who needs to leave their home. our meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm with live doppler 7hd. she is at the weather center with the latest on which areas are getting hit hard right now. >> we have a flood warning in sonoma county until 10:15. even though the front has pushed through sonoma county, you can see the line right here. the winds have died back. that's where we are looking at flooding. through pet lou ma and pen grove and we are looking at an additional inch of rain through sonoma county and marin county. they have a flood warning until 10:15. and also flood warning for santa clara valley and santa
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cruz county and the winds are quite gusty from the peninsula on southward through the east bay. they are gusting up to some 35 miles an hour in hayward. nearly 50 mile an hour wind gusts at sfo and more rain is pushing through the south bay. so you are not going to clear for the next several hours. it is more like at 11:00. but we are already beginning to see the winds calm down and the rain end in northern sonoma county. still some flooding happening right now. carolyn? >> thank you, lisa. there is a new development in the murder of a south bay man. next the sketch police want you to see that they hope will lead them to his killer. plus why san francisco firefighters decided not to go into an historic building as it went up in flames. and we are tracking this storm on live doppler 7hd. here is the heaviest parts it is showing right now. the yellow, novato, fairfield coming into san francisco and
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it is 9:14. this is our live look at
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golden gate bridge where traffic is making its way slowly we hope. there is a high wind advisory for this bridge and all the other spans in the bay area. as we cope with a wet, windy, miserable sunday morning. viewers continue to send us their storm pictures in sara saratoga. the soft soil and strong winds ripped out the roots of this massive tree yesterday. it was not the only tree pulled from the ground. a viewer sent us a picture from san francisco's knob hill neighborhood. not only did the tree pull free, but the stake came out of the ground as well. you can e-mail us your weather photos to you other news this morning, police have released a suspect sketch in the city's first homicide in 40 years. they are searching for this man. he is described as white or hispanic in his early 20s
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with dark hair and dark highs. the victim was the former owner of the mountain winery. his wife called police early friday morning saying an intruder had ild killed -- had killed her husband, attacked her and ransacked their home. she was treated at the hospital for her injuries. san francisco fire investigators are expected to be back at the scene of a fire that destroyed an historic building near the zoo. they say the blaze is suspicious in nature. flames poured out of the fly shacker pool house yesterday afternoon. when firefighters arrived a decision was made to battle the flames from the outside only because that building is abandoned. there was concern going into the building might endanger firefighters. one firefighter was slightly injured. let's get a check now of the accu-weather forecast. it is quite a day.
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here is our meteorologist lisa or general. >> a -- here is our meteorologist lisa argen. >> you can tell whoa have dry conditions pushing no petaluma right now. but a a day late and a dollar short. flooding in pen grove and contra costa county and still gusty winds in the south bay. i want to take you around the bay for the next couple minutes and give you a tour of where it is raining the heaviest. the north bay from angwin down to clear lake and vaw knee shaw and pushing out of sonoma. the altamont pass and livermore and it gets lighter toward san francisco. we have wind gusts to 50 miles an hour. it is flooding further south on the peninsula. we are looking at the santa cruz mountains flooding. woodside 280. some light rain and the santa cruz mountains yet to come your very heavy rain. where the front has pushed through we are looking at the calm winds from novato to
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santa rosa and napa, but still heavy rain there. look at the winds, 30 to 40 moils an hour accompanying -- miles an hour accompanying the front. you can see from this visible image where the front is. another hour in marin county, another two hours in the peninsula, another three hours in the south bay. carolyn? >> we will be back with you in a bit, lisa. sthoi an emotional -- an emotional reunion between a man and his lost service dog. this is a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> good girl. oh my sweet -- >> we first brought you the story nearly two woax ago after after -- weeks ago after someone stole robert's best friend and constant companion from outside the davies medical center. robert took lola just about everywhere including his dialysis appointments. his neighbor decided to take up the cause to try to find lola. she got an e-mail yesterday
9:18 am
from a woman in oakland. joy and the woman said -- >> and the woman said i found a dog four days ago running around lake merritt. i could tell it was probably lost. i brought it home. i think it is your dog. >> thank you everybody so much. >> it definitely was lola. the woman who found the dog called us first and we gave tracy's e-mail to her. well, we will be back in just a minute with more live team coverage of the big storm hitting the bay area right now. here is a live look at doppler 7hd and as lisa has been telling you lots of rain everywhere. fair field, novato, san francisco, everybody getting slammed. she will be back with the up to the minute forecast coming right up. and the announcement expected tomorrow from the u.s. supreme court that could have gay and lesbian couples across ca
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it is 9:22. this is a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. we talked all morning about this big rig that flipped over. the gusty winds knocked it over. it was blocking several lanes. it looks like they are making progress. they have righted that truck and hopefully it can get on and off the bridge. lanes have been blocked all morning long eastbound. by the way, the chp tells us
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they have responded to 70 -- 7-0 -- traffic accidents already this morning. tomorrow the u.s. supreme court may reveal whether it will weigh in on same-sex marriage. justices may announce whether they will review the low gal tee of prop 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage, and they may also take up the federal defense of marriage act that bars federal benefits to same sex couples. if the court does review prop 8, a ruling would come before the term ends in june. if the justices refew to hear the case a lower court decision declaring it unconstitutional would stand. that would allow same sex weddings in this state to resume in days. or the court could put the whole issue on hold and keeping the status quo for months or more. the justices meet to confer again on december 7th. the moraga teenager denied
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an eagle scout award because he is gay will be honored by state lawmakers tomorrow. ryan spent 10 yores working toward that award -- years working toward that award. last year they said ryan violated the anti-gay policy. his mom started an on-line petition drive to try to convince the scouts to reverse their decision. it has descrawn more than -- drawn more than 425,000 signatures so far. ryan will be honored at the opening session of the assembly by openly guy uh seem blow speaker. assembly speaker. lisa argen is here now and this is quite the sunday morning for you. >> i keep getting updates and urban and small stream advisories until 12:15 for parts of the bay area which include monterey, santa cruz, santa clara county and what this means is we have excess runoff from heavy rainfall. although property damage should be minimal we are looking at rivers and streams
9:24 am
rising. this is not life-threatening, but we are looking at minimal property damage. we do have the flood warnings in affect for another 45 minutes or so. here is the santa -- san mateo bridge. boy, it is a different story all-around the bay area. we will first start with live doppler 7hd where the front has pushed through sonoma county. the winds have died off. the rain has ended for santa rosa. but still a line of heavy storms through the north bay and the south bay. napa through american canyon and vallejo still looking at heavy rain. an additional inch of rain is possible into the east bay. we have had flooding in contra costa county and heavy rain in the livermore valley and also around vasco road. lighter returns around 580 in dublin. you are under the small stream advisory until 12:15. that means you will see the
9:25 am
runoff and more rain headed your way. you have seen rain rates of about a half inch per hour around this entire area whereas the north bay has been about an inch an hour as well as the south bay as well. so that's why we are looking at the santa cruz mountains. we have an additional two hours of rain headed your way. we are looking at the enhancement here and this is what you get closer to the higher elevations. the winds are still gusting from the south bay, the east bay and up to 49 miles an hour at the airport. take a look as that front pushes through, it is getting calmer and quieter in parts of the delta. here is a visible image that shows a sharp demarcation from the heaviest rain, the enhanced cloud tops, and whoa are looking at that flooding through 10:15. some could see additional and the urban and small stream
9:26 am
flood advisory. the front is marching to the south and east. we are getting flooding in the sacramento area as well and a quick look at the timing of this shows in the next hour in the north bay looking at scattered showers through 2:00 you will be out of it in san francisco as well as the south bay. you are dry on monday, but we wanted to show you whoa are not out of the rain yet. look what happens on tuesday afternoon through wednesday. wove a got light showers in the north bay. but as for right now we are talking about the neck hour or so with the critical flooding in those areas that are seeing flooding. the runoff, the rivers and the streams are rising. but this afternoon partly cloudy and breezy for the raiders. >> so you are saying it will be dry for that game? >> it should be drying out, and it is happening in the north bay. raider nation, listen up. we want to see your team pride. e-mail your fan photos to you report at we will post the photos at and show them on the air during our special
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raiders day edition of abc7 news at 4:00 on thursday. and then at 5:00 you can watch peyton manning and the denver broncos take on the raiders right here on abc7. flooded -- flooded roads and trees down, and we are seeing it all as round 3 of a series of major storms sweeps through the bay area. up next, the flood concern this morning in napa. and we are also following breaking news on the richmond san rafael bridge where an overturned big rig has blocked lanes in the eastbound direction for more than six hours. they seem to be getting a handle on it now. and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. here is what is showing up right now. look at the yellow. those are the heaviest parts where the storm is still, well, still making it miserable for people. meteorologist lisa argen will be back with the up to the minute forecast coming up.
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it is round three of the latest series of storms sweeping through northern california, and it is here. we have live team storm coverage. we are going to begin with our meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the storm with live doppler hd. it is -- >> it is flooding if fairfax and we are looking at more flooding in marin county. the rain has ended in the north bay, but still this is when the creeks and streams are rising, and you are getting that flooding with the clogged storm drains and perhaps some mudslides. american canyons through vallejo heavier rain to the south and east concord and pleasant hill and walnut creek, 580. castro valley road looking at
9:31 am
heavier rain, but you go westward and it has lightened up in san francisco. but over the peninsula we are looking at the urban and small stream flood advisory. your winds are gusting anywhere from 20 to 40 miles an hour. the rain is coming down at a good clip anywhere from throw quarters of an inch to an inch an hour in the santa cruz mountains. that's why we have a flood warning through noon in santa cruz and santa clara county. with these wind gusts in combination with the front marching southward, we've got a rough time for the next couple hours. >> thank you. talking about the strong winds, they have blown over a big rig on the lower deck of the richmond san rafael bridge. abc7 news reporter nick smith joins us live with an update. nick, i thought they told you to get off that bridge. >> carolyn, they did tell us to get off the bridge. but you mentioned something earlier and the california highway patrol said it to us again, nick, we responded to 70 different road-related
9:32 am
accidents this morning which is why whoa are allowing you to stay so you can keep pushing the message to slow down on the highway. carolyn, look over my shoulder. that truck we have been talking about all morning, crews are getting into place now to try and upright that truck. this is what we know. this is how it all went down. i want you to look at the video we shot. gusty winds knocked over this rig on the richmond raphael bridge. it was heading east along the midspan just before 5:00 a.m. when the heavy winds caused the vehicle to roll over. now, get this, when the truck slammed against the rail, the droifer was slammed on his side and will have to crawl out of the truck's cabin. cars have been allowed to pass the scene of the crash on the roadway's right shoulder. but since then they have blocked the traffic. back live and you can see the labor involved in uprighting the truck earlier. we had a chance to see the tow truck that uprighted the truck
9:33 am
was starting to slide. that's how wet the roads are. how is that sound? you know how that goes. one of the things we learned all week in speaking with cal trans is they have more than 300 cameras throughout the nine counties here in the bay area. they are watching the roadways and sensors in the roadways. so that when traffic is stopped or there is a collision they are notified in their command center and they are able to send the right teams to the scene. this is the emergency crew you see behind me working to upright the truck. now they need to clear it away, but traffic remains blocked on the richmond san rafael bridge headed eastbound. carolyn, i am going to leave it with that shot right there because it is amazing to see what they do. once again it is a reminder that people have to slow down on these roadways as long as the wind and the rain is a factor. carolyn, back to you. joy pretty neat there, neck, to see that truck be uprighted
9:34 am
like that. congrats to the guys with their hard work out there. jay absolutely. -- >> absolutely. the highway patrol is investigating whether the wet weather likely played a role in this morning's fatal crash in daly city. the crash occurred on northbound interstate 280 near sara monty boulevard. the chp says the woman driving alone apparently did not see an abandoned car and slammed right into it. and then she was struck from behind and died at the scene. traffic came to a stand still while emergency crews work to cut the victim out of that wreckage. the storm causing problems in sonoma county and take a look at this video we just got in. a utility pole in west santa rosa, and you can see how it is completely blocking the road there, and we are bound to see more damage like that as the morning goes on. we are receiving video via you report of the storm. streets were flooded from a
9:35 am
big downpour this morning in san francisco at 18th and dolores streets. i believe lisa argen mentioned that in her accu-weather forecast. this whole street looks like a small river. we also took this video of rain pouring down in front of our station here on front street about two hours ago. water flowing down and turning creeks and -- curves into little little -- curbs into little creeks. send us your video at in san francisco a power pole has snapped in half in the sunset district at 30 moneyth avenue and moraga street. a trans -- transformer also blew. no reports of any injuries. and updating major power outages in the bay area right now, berkeley has no, sirly 6500 -- has nearly 6500 homes and businesses without power from nine different outages. in san francisco more than 6100 customers are affected by
9:36 am
36 separate outages. the south bay is seeing some problems too. san jose has 875 customers in the dark. morgan hill has one outage affecting nearly 800 customers. pg&e has no estimate for when power is going to be restored. ?oi power is back on -- power is back on at homes in mount davidson. other utilities such as phone lines and cable are still out this morning. this trouble started before 9:00 last night when a dead rotted tree fell on dale wood way. it pulled down the power and the utility lines. residents say they still have cell phone service. the napa river is expected to reach flood stage this afternoon. abc7's cara clapper has been watching the water level from downtown napa. >> good morning, carolyn. the flood warning from napa and saint helena will remain in affect until this evening. look at this.
9:37 am
that's because it is surging, swelling all morning long with this nonstop rain. the water levels continue to rise. take a look at this video and you can see the rain is just pounding downtown napa. the strong winds at times pushed the rain horizontally. because the soil is already so saturated the day luge is expected to push the napa river to surpass the flood stage this afternoon. the flood level is 25.1 feet here in the city of napa. the national weather service is projecting that water could go as high as 27 feet. that could happen anywhere between 1:00 this afternoon and 6:00 this evening. of course, downtown napa saw the river overwhelm and over flow in twoif. thousands of acres flooded and residents were evacuated and displaced. the city however is confident they can deal with the expected water flows today thanks to improvements made in recent years by the napa river , napa creek flood protection project.
9:38 am
still as a precautionary move, they have closed the downtown river walk prom nod. they closed the veterans park for the day urging residents to stay away from the waterways. reporting in downtown napa, kyra clapper, abc7 news. ?oi the heavy winds along with the rain and the low visibility are causing flight delays for flights coming into sfo. they are being delayed up to an hour as part of a traffic management program. for up to the minute delays on your travel plans, you can check out the flat tracker on the -- the flight tracker on our website,, and you can see how long security lines are there. the sierra is racing for more rain and snow this morning. it is raising concern about flooding in areas near creeks and rivers. this morning the truckee river no, sir lake tahoe is under a flood warning. the national weather service says the water could crest at four feet above flood stage
9:39 am
this morning. well, our meteorologist lisa argen has really been hard at work this morning keeping track of the storm with live doppler 7hd, and she is at the weather center right now with the latest on which areas are the most hard hit. lisa? >> carolyn, with this front pushing throw, the temperatures have dropped 7 dries in the north bay. it is pushing through marin county, and it is still looking at heavy rain this parts of the north bay. and we are looking at gusty winds and temperatures in the 60s from the peninsula to the south bay. flooding still occurring in parts of sonoma county. heavy rain from american canyon to vallejo. gusty winds through the east bay. walnut creek and pleasant hill with some heavy rain from 580 to 680. your winds are still gusty, light to moderate rain through southern marin, san francisco and the peninsula looking at an urban and small stream flood advisory until 12:15 and some flooding occurring in the santa clara valley. santa cruz looking at some of
9:40 am
the heavier rain with three quarters of an inch to an inch an hour. we have seen over an inch and a half in walnut creek this morning alone and very gusty winds where the front is still pushing through the bay area. give it until noontime in the south bay when things lighten up down there. carolyn? >> can't wait for that. thank you, lisa. we are staying a top of any problems that the storm may bow creating. we'll tell you about that as well. a murder-suicide is rocking the nfl. next, the latest on the search for a motive in the death of a player for the kansas city chiefs. and the desperate search for survivors of a deadly highway tunnel collapse in japan. the horrible discovery rescue teams have made this morning. and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. here is what it is showing. lisa has been talking about it all morning. in the thick of it there, fairfield, concord, san francisco and you can see wherever it is green, there is
9:41 am
a little bit of rain. meteorologist lisa argen will be back with the up to the minute forecast comin ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪
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it is 9:43 on this wet and wild sunday morning, december 2nd. thank you for joining us. this is is a live look in san jose. highway 237, you can see the rain drops there clouding our lens. people with the wipers going, and you know it is the law. you have to have your lights on if the wipers are going. we haven't seen anyone who seems to be driving without that, not on a day like today.
9:44 am
you know, today's game between the kansas city chiefs and the carolina panthers will go on as scheduled as the chiefs try to come to grips with yesterday's murder-suicide involving line backer belcher and his girlfriend. police say belcher shot his girlfriend to death, and then drove to a team facility at arrow head stadium where he sped past a security checkpoint. his bosses were called to the parking lot where they found him holding a gun to his head. they say he thanked the general manager and the head coach forgiving him a chance in the nfl. and then he shot himself. authorities say at least 14 people are dead following an attack on a u.s. airbase in afghanistan. it happened in the town of jalalabad. afghan officials report the two-hour attack began when suicide bombers blew up a car at the gate of the base. u.s. helicopters fired on the attacking militants killing all nine of them. none got through to the airbase.
9:45 am
at least five afghans including two university students caught in the attack also died. the taliban is claiming responsibility. in japan, searchers have found at least three charred bodies in the rubble of a collapsed freeway tunnel 50 miles from tokyo. at least seven people are reported missing. this collapse sparked a fire that hindered emergency crews for several hours. video from cameras inside the tunnel show sawment -- show cement roof panels. the cause of the collapse is now under investigation. our meteorologist lisa argen has been tracking this big storm pounding the bay area right now. and lisa it is far from over. >> yes, we just had an 80 mile an hour wind gust. 50 mile an hour wind gusts for the golden gate bridge. parts of sonoma county, we still have heavy rain from the south bay from the peninsula and the east bay, gusty winds and it is heading south. i will let you know how fast and when and where next.
9:46 am
>> thank you, lisa. and stuff that bus. how a little bit of generousity is going a long way in the south bay.
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welcome back. it is 9:49. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you the embarcadero where over the next hour or so it is going to dry out. high wind advisory remains in affect for most of the day for bay area bridges. please slow down out there. the chp says about 70 traffic accidents already today. the affects from hurricane sandy are still being felt on the east coast. the national park service now says it doesn't know when the statue of liberty is going to reopen. much of the infrastructure on liberty and ellis island is damaged. walkways are ripped apart. the sea wall is cracked. the power and heating systems are also damaged. the national park system doesn't yet know how much the row pairs and the clean up will cost. so, lisa, not exactly a hurricane, but you said 70 mile per hour -- >> 80. >> 80 now? >> los gatos, 80 mile-an-hour winds. now the heaviest rain is
9:50 am
moving into the south bay. so we are looking at clearing in the north bay and gusty winds on the peninsula, heavy rain in the east bay. as we head out right now this is -- what is this? we are still looking at the east bay hills. wind gusts to 78 miles an hour and an inch and a half in walnut creek earlier this morning. mount de ab -- mount diablo with 60 mile an hour gusts and the cold front continues to march through marin county. here is a look at the golden gate bridge and they are still gusting to 50 miles an hour. live doppler 7hd and santa rosa and sonoma county, and the front has cleared and the winds have died off and the temperatures have dropped into the 50s. the front is draped from sacramento down through san francisco. so right through the next half hour or so, the rain will be ending downtown. it will take until about noon to get out of the entire bay area. vallejo and into the east bay. we've got heavier rain now from concord and 580 and walnut creek looking at some
9:51 am
pretty good moderate rain and also with the breezy winds down through san francisco. you can see it has lightened up, and this is the back edge of the system. at times whoa have seen half inch rain rates per hour, but now it is beginning to lighten up in parts of southern marin. flooding is going on here in parts of the south bay. santa cruz, you are looking at very heavy rain as well as san jose, sunnyvale right now. sunnyvale, some lighter rain. the rain is getting enhanced. that's as it is pushed up throw the santa cruz mountains. look at the winds behind the front. seven miles an hour in napa. for our friends in the east bay it is gusting to 30. 35 miles an hour. and sfo, 49 mile an hour wind gusts. look at the temperature drop with the passage of the cold front. mid50s san rafael and 64 in mountain view. here is a visible image. this is where the heaviest rain is and the clearing behind it, the winds out of the west and light this
9:52 am
afternoon. we are still looking at flooding going on in the santa clara valley and perhaps an additional inch of rain as it pushes through marin county. the urban and small stream flood advisory and there is a look at the front and flooding going on in sacramento. here is a look at the rest of the day. partly cloudy skies, looking good for the afternoon, and you are already seeing that in parts of the north bay. here is the next system. it is a weak one tuesday into wednesday, but enough is enough in the north bay. 1 to 2 inches and we have seen nearly that in walnut creek. the gusty winds are subsiding through the afternoon. it is leaving temperatures to 60 degrees. it is much cooler this afternoon than this morning with some west winds. so afternoon numbers will be dropping in some areas, and we will look for the front to push through monterey around 2:00 to 4:00 and that's how long it will take to get through the central coast. a little rain midweek and then dry and sunny.
9:53 am
>> all right, so even you are saying enough is enough. >> oh yes. that's what i'm saying. >> thanks, lisa. ?oily,000 san mateo county children will have presents to open this holiday thanks to the hard work of a few dozen people. the annual stuff the bus toy and book drive kicked off this week end at several san mateo county locations. organizers expect to collect about 20,000 items -- 20,000. each kid will receive two gifts, a book, a stuffed animal and a few stocking stuffers. still ahead, an update on the effort to remove an overturned big rig from the richmond san rafael bridge. crews are making steady progress. and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. what it is showing right now is the rain still hanging in there, lisa. i guess in fairfield and concord and places like that, san francisco starting to dry out.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
all right, we've got your winning numbers from last night's $16 million superlotto plus. 4, 17, 18, 32, 46, mega thub -- number 24. no one correctly picked all six numbers, so wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $17 million. we want to update the situation on the richmond san rafael bridge. the eastbound lanes have just reopened. they did finally kick nick off. before he left he told us this, and this was the scene just minutes ago. abc7 news reporter nick smith showed us the overturned big rig being uprighted on the lower deck. the chp has since reopened those eastbound lanes. so that is some good news this morning. the final weather check with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> that saturated soil, perhaps some debris flow and mudslides and the rain has ended there.
9:57 am
still some gusty winds and heavy rain into the east bay. watch out around a dublin. here we are through vallejo. look at month are raw go and -- moraga and alameda, very moderate rain. san francisco through the peninsula, san mateo and redwood city, we are looking at light to moderate rains. the winds are gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour, and we could see some flooding here through the next hour or so. some heavier rains in the santa cruz mountains, and the winds continuing to gust near 50 miles an hour along the peninsula. 30 to 40 miles an hour in san jose. it will take until oh about 12:00 until it clears parts of the south bay. it is cooling off with this passage of the cold front. the front continues to march to the south and east. you have to give it until 2:00. everywhere else it is drying out north to south. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with
9:58 am
lisa argen. you can stay with abc7 news on air and on-line for continuing coverage on the storm hitting the bay area. we will have updates every half hour this morning and you can track it yourself with live doppler 7hdeñes ñ
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